Who is michelle phan dating 2016

To muddle through the financial problem that her family was facing and the racial and acceptability problems that she suffered at school, Phan began drawing and sketching.Through her University years she kept uploading her make-up tutorial videos on Xanga by the name Rice Bunny.He has informed he was in LA back when he was 19 years old when he attended a theater school there.Here are some facts about the Swiss model who is also Michelle Phan boyfriend. He has been dating Phan since 2010 when they met in Paris, France.She mostly came to attention through her initial Lady Gaga Poker Face and Lady Gaga Bad Romance Make up tutorial videos.She then began her journey as an entrepreneur by co-founding ‘My Glam’ a beauty purpose subscription service.

He moved to Los Angeles after he fell in love with Michelle Phan.Recently Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro moved to Los Angeles where Dom is hopeful for a Film career.Dominique Capraro is Michelle Phan’s boyfriend who is actually from Visp, Switzerland.They later met to shoot an ad in Paris where their love story began .Then later in January of next year they announced their relationship publicly on a video uploaded in Youtube which has till date reached 2 million views.

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