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Girls will mirror your vibe I know no one better at building and maintaining good vibe than Richard (aka The night bastard).

If you watch any of our video footage on youtube, you’ll notice just how generous Richard is with his smile, compliments, cheekiness and overall energy, the girls quickly feel encouraged to reciprocate, giving back some of this nice energy, mirroring Richard’s.

Good vibe means being in a good mental state, where you’ve got flow, confidence and positivity running through your veins.Sometimes when you’re warming up and trying to build your vibe you might want to amp things up and do something a little bit extreme at the start to get the ball rolling, but then later lower that intensity.Get out the house, or at least open the curtains as soon as you wake up.When most people are sleeping and being lazy you want to be awake and already kicking ass, this is going to make you feel great, improving your vibe.When things don’t go our way or when we don’t get everything right away we get upset like little children. When you get knocked down you want to be able to bounce back quick, to have that bounce in you.

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