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No official announcement has been made, but an employee with state television station Tashkent has told Eurasia that films starring Asomov are to start airing again on domestic broadcasters.“There was an unspoken order that any films featuring Asomov, or in which he did the dubbing, could go air without censorship,” the source told Eurias “In the running order they have included ‘The Giant and the Dwarf’ and ‘Onward Arba,’ both of which star Asomov.” Asomov has not been seen on Uzbek television, or in any locally made movies, since 2010 – not that this has diminished his massive popularity in the country.More recently, he has appeared in a Russian comedy show “Crooked Mirror,” presented by Yevgeny Petrosyan.It now seems as though the persistence has paid off.In late September, Usmanova received a performing license from the [state-run arts association] Uzbeknavo, and “now all roads are open to her,” music producer Zhavlon Shadiev told Eurasia The Uzbek pop diva, Usmanova, has likewise spent some time in the professional wilderness.The story of how she fell out of favor dates back to the mid-2000s, when she was invited to perform by the late president of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov.

Thus, Usmanova found herself frozen out of live and television performances — again as the result of an unspoken ban.Comedian and actor Obid Asomov and pop singer Yulduz Usmanova both fell out of official favor over the years, forcing them to seek their fortunes elsewhere.Usmanova has lived in Turkey since 2008 after being forbidden from performing inside Uzbekistan.In May, it was Mirziyoyev personally who led an onslaught against pop singer Abdulaziz Karimov, whom he dubbed a “traitor to the homeland” for adopting Turkish nationality.The performer was stripped of his title “Honored Artist of Uzbekistan” — an honorific carried over from the Soviet Union that grants the holder substantial public status, as well as access to special state benefits.

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