Updating drives dell automated tool

There are two processor sockets and 24 DIMM slots on the motherboard, and a similar arrangement on the PEM.

Our review system had a mix: two 10Gb E ports, with two Gigabit ports alongside.Support for DDR4 RAM is available across all members of the E5-4600 v4 family, although the headline speed of 2.4GHz is only available on the high-end processors, starting with the E5-4640 v4.In theory up to 6TB of memory can be handled in total, but until 128GB DIMMs become available the R830 is limited to just half that (3TB), just as on the R820.These were all cabled to a Dell PERC H730P controller and configured as a RAID 5 array.Other controllers from the PERC range can be specified if preferred, while customers looking for the ultimate in storage performance are directed towards Dell's NVMe add-in cards.

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