Updating bind host files Video chat hookup

3600000 A ; ; temporarily housed at NSI (Inter NIC) . 3600000 A ; ; temporarily housed at ISI (IANA) . IN A sirius IN A rigel IN A antares IN A polaris IN A procyon IN A tauceti IN A altair.com. Like other files, you can give it a name other than the name used in this manual. IN SOA com sysop.com ( 1997071401 ; serial number (YYYYMMDD##) 10800 ; refresh every 3 hours 10800 ; retry every 3 hours 604800 ; expire after a week 86400 ) ; TTL of 1 day ; Name Servers 0.0.127. The Defines a named IP address match list used for access control. The address match list designates one or more IP addresses (dotted-decimal notation) or IP prefixes (dotted-decimal notation followed with a slash and the number of bits in the netmask).

It also defines security, logging, and a finer granularity of options applied to zones.

There are two good reasons for putting a DNS server on your local network, even if your local server isn’t answering queries about your network coming from other hosts on the Internet: There’s a third reason: it can be educational and fun.

Running a local server will teach you at least a little bit about DNS operations—learning that could possibly come in handy during job interviews—and it provides some satisfaction to those who like to build things themselves.

The named IP address match list must be defined by an options ; logging ; include "/var/named/abc Zones.conf" // here are the names of the master files zone "cities.zn" ; zone "0.0.127." ; zone "168.192.in-addr.arpa" ; zone "com" ; zone "168.192.in-addr.arpa" ;.

Root server names are indicated in the NS record and addresses in the A record.

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