Updating 8330 curve sprint good and powerful online dating sites

It also has the ability to view pages in standard HTML views like you would see on a computer.Even without the 3G network the browser moves at least 1.5X times the speed of my outdated fat phone.This enables the phone to adjust it’s screen brightness according to how dark or light your surroundings are.Even with this, though, the colors can appear somewhat flushed in really bright surroundings, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it is with most phones.You don’t want something ugly, huge, obnoxiously disfigured, and all around retarded looking (cough, 7100 series).No, you want something sleek, sexy, shiny and pristine.

Note this is coming from someone who uses a 10.1 megapixel Sony Cybershot so the color issue could just be that I’m spoiled by my camera, therefore the average consumer might never notice it.

Extras: The phone comes packaged with a wired headset, charger, USB mini cable, some nonsense books and, most importantly, the Black Berry Desktop Assistant software.

The headset’s quality is rather disappointing and picks up sounds of TVs, radios, etc louder than they do you voice even though the mic is right next to your mouth.

For starters there’s a built-in media player which allows users to import MP3, AAC, AAC , WMA, e AAC , AMR-NB and Midi files for playback on the handset. And since I brought that up it’s also worthy to note that you can give any one of your contacts their own personal ringtone as well as take a picture of them for caller ID.

You can also set any song you import as your ring tone. Speaking of pictures, the Curve 8330 has a 2.0 megapixel camera with video-capture. It takes clear pictures that are sharp enough for you to tell exactly what you’re looking at most of the time.

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