Trust your intuition dating

Have you ever replayed a situation in your head after a relationship has ended and said to yourself ‘I knew something wasn’t right when he said that’? Look at your past two relationships or dating experiences and see if you can identify the alarm bells.Write out three or four pages about each one, from how you met to how it all ended.Tune in to your higher self to access the confident, happy, loving you.This is a psychic tool to imagine your perfect mate.And if no man is ever good enough for you, is it really because a bad relationship or complicated family background left you terrified of being hurt?The biggest block to finding true love is self-esteem.

‘I knew something wasn’t right from the start,’ my client will tell me, a month after her date has run off with her best friend.You will see there was at least one alarm bell, and most likely four or five. It might be painful, but it’s only in taking responsibility that you can move on.If you never get past a few dates, is it because you are picking partners you aren’t suited to? If you keep going for men with former girlfriends in the wings, is it because you don’t think you really deserve a man with a clean slate?Most people have a few nerves when they’re dating, especially if they’re really interested in someone, and this is fine. There are many psychic love signs — he might choose dates that match your taste — but mostly it is just a feeling.Finding Mr Right will make you feel warm, contented, special and safe.

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