True acceptance dating

The stigma around us goes far beyond the ridicule and name calling, but affects our intimate relationships on a level many will never know.

Society has made trans people a public enemy for many years, mislabeling us and judging the way we live and see ourselves.

How could he say those things to me after telling me he wanted to marry me one day?

Love is a battlefield that far too many know too well – and trans people, especially transgender women of color (TWOCs), are often those most affected in that arena.

Too long we've been the "butt" of the joke, the social pariah, the public whipping boy used as a negative example of human behavior.

But we weren't having an affair – on the contrary, he was my real life boyfriend.

He was the man who professed his emotions to me in beautiful ways I'd never felt before; the one who cured my sadder days.

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