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She immediately said yes, and a week later, a woman I had once been too nervous to speak to was wearing my makeup and bringing her daughter to meet me.She is a woman who has faced adversity and come out stronger from it, which inspired my newest campaign, Pla2Give Back. My favorite “me” time activity is when I get up early in the morning before getting Ava ready for school and put a little makeup on my face. Chinese Southern Belle is the venture of mother-daughter team Margaret and Natalie Keng which they launched in 2009.She has given me direction when fear was my biggest enemy.Having a female entrepreneur in my life inspires me to keep moving forward and overcome the obstacles we encounter every day.

My mom and stepfather have been my biggest cheerleaders, allowing me to spread my wings and fly.

Like most working mothers today, juggling career and family is nothing new to these hard-working ladies.

But the moms you’re about to meet have discovered the best of both worlds.

And although it is not realistic to be present every second, it never hurts to have a goal and check yourself. Donna Hyland, the CEO and President of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Years ago when I was volunteering at Children’s, before creating (Plā) Beauty, I was mesmerized by Donna’s success as a businesswoman and always curious about she did it.

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