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(Plus, new satnavs almost universally have a 90-day ‘latest map guarantee’ which means that if a new version is released within three months of purchasing, you are entitled to download it and update your device for free.) There are two main ways to update maps on a satnav.The easiest is to use the USB cable that came with it to plug it into your PC.Everything is easy to follow courtesy of the program's helpful setup wizards.Of course, to update the speed cameras, you'll need a subscription but there are plenty of other services that don't such as Points of Interest and Installation of Voices.Tom Tom Home is an essential tool for any Tom subscriber who needs to manage their device or make sure that their speed camera map is updated.Depending on which figures you believe, up to 15 percent of the UK’s roads change each year.For example, the Via 135 doesnt, but the Via 135 M does (M stands for Maps).

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Just make sure you check before you buy since some older stock is still on sale which doesn't have free updates.View full description In my opinion Sat Nav is the greatest motoring innovation since the steering wheel.I've got a pretty dodgy sense of direction and my map-reading skills are about as useful as a bat without sonar.If it’s more than three years old, you get no discount.With no discount, an update will cost you £75, which entitles you to update your device up to four times within 12 months.

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