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WHETHER HE GIVES HIT OR FLOP, WE PROUD TO BE A FANS OF PAVAN KALYAN NOT ONLY AS A HERO BUT ALSO OF HIS PERSONAL BEHAVIOUR, RESPECT LADIES AND BY HIS IDEOLOGICAL THOUGHTS. Even though FLOPS also his craze was increasing in PAST and FUTURE. Movies such as Abhilasha, Subhalekha and Rudraveena are examples of this. Veera - Heroism ante Chiranjeevi ki lekkalenanni examples unnayi. Recent gaa SD lo Chiru valla mother though chese scene kooda best ..Chiru is top1 in tollywood... He is a living legend Past stylish star Nitin Reddy Nithin maintains very good personality.

PAVAN KALYAN FOLLOWING DOMINATES ANY SUPERSTAR FANS IN INDIA. Shanta - "Cool like a Cucumber" paatralu Chiru ki kotta kaadu. Bhaya - Go home and watch expressions of Chiru in Abhilasha to find out the exact definition of this rasa. Karuna - Apadhbandavudu is a Classic Example of this. R A man with a super talent A natural actor He is a man who did not enter into dirty politics He is the with punctuality In one word super actor The best classical actor.

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The girl may respect this less than you simply asking for her number. Of course there are some that have found good fortune immigrating to countries like the US and the UK, but many of them are actually camming live from Asian countries like Thailand.

'Bigg Boss' helped me to open up: Jr NTRActor Junior NTR says being the host of the Telugu version of reality show "Bigg Boss", which marked his television debut, helped him to discover himself and open up more.

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