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The weight of the summer's haze is setting in as Manhattan starts to come alive.

Their love story played out like a movie plot, bookended by the million Italian wedding (that boasted multiple bridal gowns, a serenade by Andrea Bocelli and guests like Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, John Travolta, Victoria and David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez) and the first family photo splashed across the cover of .

Any news of their life together, and of Katie and Suri especially, was in high demand.

At the same time, Holmes took a step back from her movie career.

During the six years she was married to Cruise she had few major roles, save for taking on Jackie Kennedy in the television mini-series magazine of that period in her life, almost everything took a backseat to Suri (and the rigorous travel schedule that comes with being married to Tom Cruise probably didn't help either.

They're off to their corner offices at Hollywood agencies or to the morning class at Soul Cycle or an appointment for a facial that costs more than the average Los Angeles rent.Last year, Metro held the first ever Speed Dating on the Red Line, and were gearing up to do it again. Dating websites dont exactly cater to you, and dating apps? The Los Angeles Metro agency thought it would be a great idea to do speed dating on the subway for Valentines Day. Of course, the "regular" life she built for herself in Manhattan is still markedly different from that of most.She moved into a fancy loft in Chelsea and continued to employ the team of bodyguards and other employees that is wholly necessary when you just got done with one of Hollywood's biggest divorces.

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