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And this is when Cardiff singles and their matches can enjoy the many benefits that dating in Cardiff offers.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, dating is a great way to rediscover a city. Familiar parts of the city offer new possibilities, and new places and opportunities reveal themselves. If you are on a budget and looking for something you can do for free, there are plenty of possibilities.

However, on average, we are all marrying later than we used to, so it seems that actually we are all just learning to enjoy our time as singles and to be more careful about our choice of partner.

With these social changes, and the pressures of work and commuting on professional singles, when we are ready to find love in Cardiff, we can’t just leave the business of finding our compatible matches to chance. You may think you are too busy working or studying.

These days, though, many Cardiff singles choose to live in new city-centre apartments in and around the rebranded Cardiff Bay.

For several years now in England and Wales the marriage rate has been declining while the divorce rate has been increasing.

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A first glance at the figures suggests that those who have been married before are more careful about committing to their next relationship.Or perhaps the commuting just makes it impracticable to spend your evening dating in Cardiff city centre.Or maybe you just need some encouragement to get back out and about on the Cardiff dating scene. Cardiff already has a pretty international outlook.At one stage Cardiff’s Tiger Bay was the largest port in the world.But by the 1930s it was in serious decline, and it took until the 1990s to revitalise the port area.

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