Which is strange, because normally I think that books don't have enough pictures.

But I seriously read the whole book in about 2-3 hours and it was because there was so little content and so many pictures. In the end I think this book is good for anyone who has never done GUI programming and interface design, but is interested in getting started.

I rarely buy technical books these days since so much knowledge is available for free on the web, but I was excited to get hold of this tome by Elliot Jay Stocks since he's an excellent designer and I hoped to tap into what it is that sets him apart from the rest of us. There isn't enough here to inspire you to create truly original, breathtaking designs.

You'll have to look elsewhere for that kind of inspiration, such as on-line CSS galleries, and for that reason I think the title of the book is slightly misleading.'Sexy Web Design' will be much more valuable to beginner web designers.

About the Author Always aspiring to create a unique look that’s out of the ordinary, Elliot Jay Stocks’s design is frequently featured in online and offline publications.

His work is showcased on various design inspiration web sites, where it’s used as an example of how accessible web design can still look beautiful.

The other problem I had was with the all the pictures.There are many ideas and concepts addressed, including colour theory, grid systems for layout, web safe fonts, etc.As a book outlining a sound web design process and a checklist of all the compromises and considerations that go into that process, it delivers pretty well.Elliot's portfolio includes Automattic, The Beatles, Blue Flavor, Twiistup, EMI Records, and Carsonified.Elliot is also known to write about design trends, issues, and techniques for industry-leading publications such as Practical Web Design and Computer Arts Projects.

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