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In recent years, business has been booming, largely thanks to Facebook.

Prostitution is most prevalent in large Iranian cities, particularly the capital Tehran.

Luxury escorts charge around 100 euros, and those who escort footballers or foreigners charge more than 250 euros.

However, I wouldn’t say they are living a dream life.

They pose as a girl and take the money before quickly deleting their account.

This type of marriage, which exists in Shia islam, legally recognises a short-term relationship between two people of the opposite sex.Some people have gone back to soliciting via word of mouth, though Facebook is still widely used.Among the prostitutes, there are girls who stay the night, but they are very expensive. For example, a girl who charged 15 euros in 2011 would be asking for double that amount now. Girls who stay the night are very expensive and charge around 80 euros.For several years now, prostitutes has been active on social networks such as Yahoo 360 [which is very popular in Iran] and on Facebook.In this way, the prostitutes get the phone numbers of potential clients, who pay before even receiving a service.

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