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) er en israelskfødt amerikansk skuespiller, filmregissør, filmprodusent og manusforfatter.

Hun fikk sitt gjennombrudd som tolvåring i filmen Léon i 1994. Hun spilte blant annet rollen som Padmé Amidala i Star Wars-filmene, og har også spilt i andre filmer som Garden State, Heat, Cold Mountain, V for Vendetta, Closer, Black Swan og Thor.

Everyone knows you don’t go to bed with crazy, Scarlett. The bizarro circumstances surrounding how you met him. Here comes the dear-God-what-are-you-thinking, tough love portion of our chat, Scarlett.

I denne filmen gjentok hun rollen som Jane Foster, tordenguden Thors menneskelige kjæreste.

Sometimes our celebrity brethren need to feel the white hot sting of my bitch-slap o’ advice so badly, I have trouble even typing. Our girl crush Scarlett Johansson, who, until very recently, was married to Ryan Reynolds, People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, may be hooking up with — guys, y’all might have to sit down for this – Sean Penn. That just kinda made sense.), but this is truly heinous. In this dark march toward whatever it is we are approaching…

It was bad enough when Natalie Portman had her ill-advised fling with him (Oddly, Penn’s fling with Jewel didn’t bother me. Jon, call me.) knocked on my office door and said “Let’s go,” the only thing my boss would see when he walked past my desk would be a puff of smoke. Get rid of this guy, but immediately, and hook up with someone less creepy, like — I don’t know — Woody Allen.

Terrence Malick made good of his promise to cast Christian Bale as lead in this film.

He was originally penciled to play the lead role of Neil (played by Ben Affleck, his superhero successor) in Malick's previous film To The Wonder, but his contractual obligations for his final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises prevented him from accepting it. This movie is a tough watch if you don't like movie as a form of art and poetry.

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