Scrabble app not updating

Ultimately, I think this situation could easily be diffused by allowing users to choose which version of Scrabble they would like to play: the one with all the ads and clutter or the one without all the ads and clutter.Similar to, I don't know, Blizzard having an offline option for Diablo III.There have also been a number of server issues which seem to have plagued the game for quite some time, according to one blog post.The constant server outages and cluttered gameplay screen led a group of players to take to the forums to do what outraged gamers do best: rage.Scrabble is a Facebook and mobile app, it's based on the popular Hasbro board game and it's designed by none other than the worst company in America, Electronic Arts.The Facebook game is free-to-play and generates revenue based on ads while the mobile version has a small price of entry.First off, what the heck happened to the video game industry? It used to be about blue hedgehogs and fat plumbers and now it's about bottom lines and selling products as services.It boggles my mind how people who just want to play games and have fun can't do that anymore.

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It's a spin-phrase used to market the intent of an agenda that may or may not be favorable but incites strong reactions regardless.However, Cooper is talking about the appearance of the board and not the actual layout of the board.Notice the keyword is "the look of their game board" and not the "look of the layout" or the "layout of the game board", which is actually the problem at hand.Now the game has been out and about, making the rounds and garnering quite a fanbase.With any fanbase, however, there comes a lot of anguish over issues that can negatively affect the gameplay experience.

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