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His role as Park Hyun-tae in Pots of Gold earned him a 2013 Korea Drama Award.He made his screen debut in the music video for singer Bang Yong-guk's popular song "I Remember." In 20, he played the role of Cha Seo-joon in the KBS2 series Shut Up Family. He appeared with Ji Jin-hee in the SBS series One Warm Word.Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee first met each other in the 2013 MBC drama “Pots of Gold,” as a young and immature married couple, and continued their relationship from there.According to a media representative, on January 5, the two have already been dating for two years.Park Do-Kyung is unaware that the fiancé is about to marry another woman named Oh Hae-Young. So much so that I watched the rest of the episodes, althought severely skiped. I liked the story, liked the end, but in the later episodes (as I was kinda skiping everything to get to the side stories - also fell for the younger brother/girlfriend and The trio) I almost forgot who the main leads were. IMHO, I think that she is pretty but lacks that kind of charisma which makes me root for or connected with her. The lead actors were indeed had something during filming. I know Eric has someone in real life but you can just do something like that with your co-star if no real feelings.The fiancé is soon imprisoned and right before his imprisonment he lies to Oh Hae-Young. And Seo Hyun Jin just let Eric touch every parts of her body comfortably. I'm not even their shipper but they're perfect on screen partner. Their awkwardness is like a proof they're trying hard to separate between real and reel. While Seo Hyun Jin looks hyper if he's around and smiles in every kisses. I've been many times to repeat to watch this drama but I dont feel bored. I hope next year Director and Writer'nim can work together again to make a second season.To the rumors of the two dating, he said, He talked about how he didn’t know her before they did the drama together, but he mentioned his love for “Descendants of the Sun” and he named her kiss scene with actor Jin Goo as the most memorable scene in the drama.He then talked about why they had met up before the drama began filming, he said,“I had purposefully asked to meet up before the drama was confirmed; I met up because we wanted to do well together.

Park Do-Kyung gets drunk and places her fiancé in a difficult predicament. For me I'm glad that Kim Ah-Joong turned down the offer.. And no matter great the actress, she won't let someone touch and kiss her everywhere just for the sake of drama. Those kisses even more deep in the director cut/DVD. It's obvious the eat each other lips and even their tounge in each other mouth.

According to the eyewitness accounts of neighbors, the two openly revealed their intimate status by talking walks around the neighborhood or having dates in a car.

Although the couple does not seem to be conscious of the public eye, their agencies are very weary of the situation.

“She was really worried because it was her first leading role.

However, the worries disappeared.”“We all got really close while filming ‘Hwarang’, not only Tae Hyung (V) but also minho and Hyung Sik.

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    There are different opinions about how long it takes. In the story I told above, my boyfriend had been divorced for about three years and yet he was still hurting.

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    Lots of couples remain close without necessarily knowing much about each other's work lives.