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(This guy who I won't name is a real person who's Ecuadorian but lives in Jersey, 5'9 with the softest, tannest skin, silky black hair, broad shoulders and thick strong legs because he plays soccer a lot.He's straight, but he's the sweetest person in the world.

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And you wonder if they know what you're doing because you disguise as if you're just going to the bathroom).

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Sex with a woman is great, but with a man it's "greater." At least for me it is. honestly i thought the first part sounded too staged, scripted. i thought i was going to read a story bout your hetero intercourse after the gay sexual encounter, soon after reading the topic title. So basically, people could see my face down to my abdomen.

if you're really bi then it's unfair to the woman not knowing first hand. I was sitting on the toilet, but I was going to the bathroom, so don't get grossed out.

it's just that i've read similar accts on the net that i don't entirely understand, people trying to cyber-cover-up the taboo - that is - being exclusively gay, trying to prove otherwise, even on the net. It was a nice tiled bathroom with about five stalls.

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