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You are not permitted to control someone else’s actions, and it’s generally encouraged you make emotes somewhat tepid to avoid this.

The word ‘attempt’ is a golden word in scenarios where powergaming might become problematic.

During this event and at this event, all roleplay and lore rules will be enforced six hours prior to the event’s start, and six hours after it begins.

No Pv P or raiding may occur during these twelve hours as long as the faction’s description states that the event is going on, and the event has been announced on the forums two weeks prior.

This means while we recommend the roleplay rules and lore are followed, we do not enforce them.

The exception to this is when a roleplay event is announced on the forums two weeks in advance, and hosted in a survival world.

A well balanced character can mean more development, more entertaining roleplay with others, and more credibility as a roleplayer.When you roleplay, you must be able to disconnect your own knowledge with your character’s.If you don’t feel confident with that, you must be willing to forego knowledge OOC to avoid accidentally metagaming.This means that, while bad words and offensive terms may be used in character, age inappropriate roleplay should not happen publicly.There are a couple of examples: Voiding or retconning describes the act of undoing roleplay for the sake of “starting over.” You are not permitted to force a retcon on people who are unwilling.

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