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But according to him, the only reason the police are on his back now is that his father, a long-time career criminal - 'Oh, yes, he's been in prison loads of times, for all kinds' - was recently shot and wounded in a botched but targeted street hit.After we leave, the officers insist their actions are well-founded.According to Doherty, his 'gang' - the Croxteth Crew - is nothing much more than a group of people who were brought up in the same area and went to the same school.Other similar formations, named after their localities, can be found across the city, such as the Bakers Green Crew, the Hillside Crew, and the Croxteth Crew's sworn enemies from neighbouring Norris Green, the Strand Gang.Miraculously, he survived, a few lucky millimetres from death or permanent paralysis.

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The freezing easterly wind blowing from beyond the M57 means that today the streets are deserted.

It's closely associated with economic deprivation: these estates are difficult places to get out of, with a lack of hope and opportunity.

What we're really talking about is antisocial behaviour with guns.' According to Chief Constable Jon Murphy, they 'didn't realise they were a gang in Norris Green until the media said they were.

All that the supposed armed criminal has to do is to ask.

Matrix classifies nominals under three levels of risk: bronze, silver, and gold, the highest.

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