Is kerry katona dating daniel

Kerry Katona – Series 3 (2004) Married at the time to Westlife's Brian Mc Fadden (who left the band a month after Katona's win), Katona became the first queen of the jungle.The series was the most watched with an average of 11million viewers.Kerry and George, who were married for a tumultuous six years, split over the summer after being on the rocks for a number of months.

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Katona refused to participate in the "cockroach attack" trial but still beat former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond to take the crown."George is conscious of Kerry’s media profile and understands that there may be wider interest in this latest sad development. "I think she's in her 40s, she's 37 actually and she has got herself a toy boy - can you blame her? EXCLUSIVE: Shirley Ballas reveals who she thinks will win Strictly!"He is also aware that much of the couple’s marriage and its subsequent breakdown has been carried out in the public sphere – but wishes to draw a line under that today, particularly in the interests of all the children, who are completely innocent parties in this unfortunate situation. " Sounds like you got out of that one at the right time, Kerry... It probably comes as no surprise that Adele is sitting comfortably on top of Heat's 2017 under 30s rich list. He may be just a normal bloke who enjoys nothing more than a pint (or eight), but Ed Sheeran's bank account is pretty extraordinary."He sincerely hopes that this difficult process will be concluded solely through legal channels and in as dignified a manner as possible." This comes after Kerry's split from her boyfriend James English after two months of dating. With 15 Grammy's under her belt, the 29-year-old mum-of-one is quite deservedly rolling in the cash. And with his song-writing prowess (Shape of You reached number 1 in 44 countries! The youngest celeb on the list, Harry Styles is officially the richest member of One Direction.Kerry, who split from James two weeks ago, announced the news in an Instagram word image which read: "I'm in a relationship with me. Single is good when you like yourself and don't count on anyone else for your happiness! Who'd have thought back in 2001 that little Harry Potter would one day appear naked on Broadway (in the play Equus - not just as a streaker! Worth an impressive £50m, mini Mick Jagger (as he shall henceforth be known), seems to be smashing life as a solo star.

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