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In 2012, I went out to experience the nightlife and it was badass, now everybody stays home and you should too.When the sun goes down, the shops close for a reason.

People from all over the world come for the dives and white sands.Even for travelers fluent in Spanish, I wouldn’t recommend mainland Honduras. For all the negative press Honduras gets, Roatan is its polar opposite.Besides the Mayan ruins in Copan, there isn’t much site seeing to do in the country. The best time to go to Roatan is during “semana santa” Honduras’s version of spring break.The locals, who may or may not be attracted to your “foreigner value”, will be decent looking Honduras women looking for a good time.. For night life just head down the west end strip and listen for the music.Then there are the tourists hunters who will want you to pay for their “company” or find a way to get money out of you. From there ask the locals for any other spots that they might recommend.

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