Group policy for updating registry on client computers

This section describes the eligibility criteria we require from all of our users.When you register to use our Services (as defined below), we need to make sure that you are able to legally contract with us.

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If you are anywhere near where we will be, I encourage you to catch up with us.

To update Group Policy settings, I use the GPUpdateutility. By default, GPUpdate updates both computer and user portions of Group Policy. By default, GPUpdate will update only modified Group Policy settings. The first thing I need to do is to obtain a collection of all the computers on the domain.

But, I can control that by using the /target parameter. PS C:\ gpupdate /target:computer Updating policy... If I want to update all settings, use the /force parameter. To do this, I use the Get-ADComputer cmdlet from the Active Directory module.

Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, shows how to force a domain-wide update of Group Policy by using Windows Power Shell. Well, tomorrow, the Scripting Wife and I leave for a three-week European Windows Power Shell tour.

We will be doing five Windows Power Shell user groups and meeting with over a dozen Windows Power Shell MVPs, and other people from the Windows Power Shell community.

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