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On the one hand, the enormous implications of chance and fate filled Jessica with resentment. Jessica fell back into her seat, holding her stomach as she laughed. The house was framed by the skeletons of maple trees.

On the other hand, being an optimist by nature, she took heart, counted her blessings, and silently acknowledged that the very brightest jewels are forged in crucibles of violence and flame. " She sighed, leaned way over the seat to get his attention, and put on a fake scowl. Jessica's maternal grandfather could not have had any idea what to expect, but he did not imagine, in the farthest reaches of his imagination, that his long lost granddaughter would pull up in a chauffeur driven limousine. Jessica's grandfather had spent enough decades in law enforcement, prior to his retirement, to recognize the bulge of a shoulder holster.

Mummy, Carol Turner, had so thoroughly obliterated all traces of her former life, and so adamantly refused to discuss it, that Jessica did not know her mother's maiden name! But she had come with an objective, and she was determined to see it through. You have a lovely home, from the outside, anyway, but it is a little bit out of the way.

It is unlikely I will be back here again." This spoken supposition made him wince with pain, but she soldiered on. " Then, inexplicably, her grandfather became incensed, and raised his voice, saying, "You could start by acknowledging that I'm your grandfather," and he wanted to say more, but suddenly Mr.

The woman's eyes were hazel, like her daughter's eyes.

Jessica saw her own mother in the woman's features, despite the gray hair and deep lines.

Jessica misbehaves at Grandma's house, and must then face her beloved Nelson for punishment and atonement, at which time he tries to cure the delicious jezebel of her unwholesome deathwish.

She looked up, and made an effort to straighten her hunched back.

Nelson might have seen her, jogging on those wooded avenues as a child, as he drove home from work.

In that alter-reality, she might have first caught his eye at nine or ten years of age. Still, she felt unconscionably guilty, just going up to four or five, for Mr. She would have to confront Nelson later, and confess, and make an act of contrition, and endure the fury of his wrath. Her Nelson would ever take the starring role as the godly Male protagonist.

"I have a suspicion that I will be in the mood to be spoiled tonight, Sir. He might commence with punishing her wantonness immediately, and get carried away, which would suit her just fine. She rode in the back seat of the midnight blue Maybach, with the white cashmere coat folded neatly at her side, and penned a laconic note on a torn sheet of college rule paper, just in case Grandma Christy chickened out and failed to show up at her own house. It essentially said, "Leave us alone, crazy lady," in almost that many words.

And before you answer, let me add that there will be something in it for you. She would slip the letter under the door, if her grandmother was not home. Saul, the driver of the midnight blue Maybach, had she made a meaningful connection.

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