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So, as with any communications, it’s important to understand your audience and establish clear objectives.

Whether you offer an automated, online form or one that members print out and send in, here are a few ideas for fine-tuning your existing or building a new membership application form.

The following items are required to request records within MLS: These items are not part of the membership record but may be of interest to the bishop. If desired, they could be tracked in a spreadsheet or database created for this purpose.

When a new family moves into the ward, it is not necessary to request the records for each member of the family individually.

Each unit should have standard procedures set for obtaining the necessary information to request membership records within MLS, and to welcome and integrate the new members into the ward.

When new families move into the ward, they should be given extra care to make sure they feel welcome and are comfortable being part of the ward.

There are also several administrative tasks that need to be taken care of: The Members Moved In report (in MLS under Reports/Forms) will show the list of members who have moved in recently (the number of months to include in the report is selectable).

This is also a good opportunity to gather additional information that will improve efforts to integrate the new members into the ward.

While only the household record needs to be requested, it may be useful to have information on the entire family for the bishopric and auxiliaries.

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