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A subplot involves Suzi and her stepmother, Beth (Lee Purcell), vying for the attention of a boy named Skip (David Ensor).

At her party, Suzi tells Beth, who is chaperoning, about Skip, whom she likes and hopes will show up. Skip is also attracted to Beth and goes out of his way to go to see her without Suzi finding out.

Fred chides Randy for moping over Julie, but tells him he needs to fight if he truly wants her back.

After Randy flits about the Valley for the next few days just so he can get a glimpse at Julie, Fred says he has a plan that will both reunite Randy with Julie and get revenge against Tommy.

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Julie Richman (Foreman) is a Valley girl who seems to have it all: good looks, popularity, and a handsome Valley dude boyfriend, Tommy (Bowen), but she is having second thoughts about her relationship with the arrogant and selfish Tommy.

Undaunted, Randy sneaks back into the house, and hides in an upstairs bathroom shower.

Julie's friends, dismayed by her relationship with Randy, pressure her to get back together with Tommy.

Julie asks her father (Frederic Forrest) for advice, and he kindly tells her she should follow her heart.

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