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Children suffer the worst, with seven to 10 a year.

The news today is that scientists may in the near future be able to cure colds and other viruses.

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“Or take a nice hot shower with plenty of steam or sit in a really steamy bathroom – particularly good for children,” adds Professor Field.

“You need plenty of fluids.” Provided it’s not alcohol anything palatable is acceptable, says Hicks. Soft drinks contain high levels of sugar, which means they are absorbed much more slowly than water so they don’t hydrate the body as quickly.

Really high-sugar drinks cause a rapid rise in blood sugar level, followed by a sudden dip, making you feel worse.

Wrap up warm “Granny was right as far as wrapping up warm is concerned, in the prevention of colds,” says Dr Rob Hicks.

“When the nostrils get cold, the immune system functions less efficiently.

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