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This performance was not just for pay, or love; it was inspired to please; not only the male in the show, but you and myself, the lucky viewers.

I have seen hundreds of this type of performance, and none has come close to this one.

Honestly the actual way: Find a target, sluttier shes dressed the better, avoid girls alone or in groups of 2 - the more the better, gyrate your way towards her while shes dancing with her friends, do not try to talk to her, start dancing between her and her friends (this is where your wingmen come in and are invaluable if you have any, get them to distract the friends by doing the same, you have to separate her from the herd or they'll pull her back), if she smiles then you're in, if not then find another, when she eventually turns round put your arms on her hips and start grinding on her ass (she'll rub into your dick if shes into you and push you away if shes not, anything else and just keep at it until you get one of the above reactions), then spin her around, start tonging her and run your hands down her back to her ass.

True, the money shot was cut, but that is ok, only a minor distraction.

Circa 2003, or so, Annie’s employer contracted a lowest-bidder to produce a relatively massive . The code was built, signed off, and chucked into production without any of the in-house developers being involved, despite being the team that would support it in the long term.

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