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Items that the West Mall and Saki Cafe sells changes season to season.First talk to walter, boast or talk about either fishing or gardening and if you say fishing he will give you 200 simolians if you can give him a trout.(you may have to talk multiple times.)if you say gardening he will give you 50 if you can give him a bell pepper. If you’re a Puzzle & Dragons fan and a lover of classic anime, then you’d probably be interested in knowing that the hugely popular mobile puzzle combat game has officially launched special content that ties in to Neon Genesis Evangelion.Well sims 3 just released an update where if you go to the pause menu and where it says "Help & About" You can go to gardening tips and then shake your ipod up and down and you will get 500 Simeleons, and you can just keep doing that over & over again. Until the most recent update there weren't any cheats for it, now if you click the three dots in the bottom left corner and go to gardening tips or whatever then shake your i Phone/i Pod/i Pad then you get more money :) I use it all the time. Update: you can also chat chat to kia and she will give you 50 simolians if you slap ruth for her.first u have to have the new update for this to work:1 go to the 3 dots button at the bottom of the screen 2 go to help and about 3scroll all the way down untill you get togardening tips 4 then shake ur iphone and it gets u money thats how I did it and now im filthy rich u just gotta keep doin it when u get low on cash!!! *Hello, I got this tip off an update for Sims 3 Ipod touch, - Start your game as normal, then 1) Press the button with the 3 dots to pause the game, 2) Choose "Help & About" option, 3) Choose "Gardening Tips", then just shake your Ipod and you will get loads of money !!

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