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For information about creating an AMI using Amazon EC2, see the following topics in the For information about creating a template so that you can launch instances from the AMI that you've created from your migrated instance, see Managing Templates.To export an EC2 instance that you previously migrated from a VM, use the management portal in v Center.Cause Something is wrong with permissions (namely, the VM doesn’t have Full Control rights to it’s VHD anymore.In this image below, you can see a new and working VM on the left, and a broken VM on the right. Fix You could fix this by hand by getting the VMId of the VM and adding it with Full Control permissions manually. All we need to do is get a list of our VMs, then iterate through each disk and apply the right Full Control perms.If the hostname specified in the error message is not the fully-qualified domain name of an ESX host, use the following procedure to configure the DNS suffix search list so that connector can append the suffix and resolve the ESX hostname: Connector can't validate the certificates of the host By default, the connector validates the certificates of all entities that it communicates with over HTTPS, including v Center and ESXi servers.This is essential to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.After you start an instance, it runs until it is terminated.If your instance is terminated, you can't connect to or recover the instance.

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Although there are a number of different conversion tools available, there are two things that make the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter attractive: it's free and easy to use.

I’d recommend using this fine code by Sam Boutrous, Get-Parent Path.

You can launch an EC2 instance from a virtual machine that you migrate from VMware v Center to Amazon EC2.

However, if you are migrating a virtual machine from ESX version 4.1 or earlier to Amazon EC2, the connector can't validate the certificates of the host, so the migration fails.

A growing number of organizations are starting to show an interest in using Microsoft Hyper-V to virtualize their infrastructures.

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