Ds rpg dating sims no response from online dating

If you see Days of Memories 2 for the DS and purchase it, be aware that one of the games in this collection, Days of Memories: Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu is a girl’s dating sim, where girls have the opportunity to win over a guy from SNK’s King of Fighters series.

Days of Memories: Koi wa Good Job and Days of Memories: Junbaku no Tenshitachi both are for guys and have various SNK famous females from games like King of Fighters and Fatal Fury as available bachelorettes.

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There are quite a few other English games with these same elements, though they aren’t as prominent in other titles.

The best example of an English language dating sim was the PS1 game Thousand Arms, released by Atlus.

It was a fairly standard RPG, except to forge stronger and better weapons, you’d have to go on dates with, and raise the affections of, the female characters in your party.

But those aren’t the only kind of dating sim style games in Japan.

In fact, there are likely far more dating sims geared towards guys available than there are ones for girls.

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