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When men and women depart from the truth of God's Word, they then create their own reality that is tainted by darkness and compromise.Have we departed from the faith to embrace doctrines and values influenced by dark spiritual forces at work in the land?1 Timothy 4:1 declares, "The Spirit makes it clear that as time goes on, some are going to give up on the faith and chase after demonic illusions put forth by professional liars.These liars have lied so well for so long that they have lost their capacity for truth.""Ye are the light of the world. neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candle stick; and it gives light to all that are in the house.His nightlife is a little crazier than most kindergarten teachers. He’s nothing like what you’d expect of a kindergarten teacher.Steve Damico teaches 5- and 6-year-olds by day, but after school the Florida 27-year-old turns into Syther — a pro wrestler who speaks only gibberish. Damico hasn’t always been Syther – but he’s always been interested in wrestling.The fights are choreographed and the outcomes pre-determined, but the moves aren’t fake. I have a nagging back injury from a wrestling match in 2010.

His students know he’s a wrestler, he says, but he doesn’t talk about it a lot.“My wrestling persona is really cool,” he told the Daily News. I don’t speak any English, I’m kind of hunched over and walking around kind of mysterious-like.” Syther sports jagged green and black patterns, skulls and shocking face paint. He adored pro wrestling as a kid and when he was 15, he got the chance to go to wrestling school in Long Island, where he grew up.“I trained under ECW legend Mikey Whipwreck,” he boasted.My mom knew I wasn’t going to take no for answer.” And so his wrestling life began. “I was 16 at the time and in New York the New York State Athletic Commission allows pro wrestlers to wrestle only when they’re 18, so the trainer and promoters had to tell me, ‘Say you’re 18.’” So he did.After a year of twice-weekly practices, Damico was ready to do shows – sort of. He kept wrestling through high school and then headed off to college to become a teacher – but he didn’t let that put an end to his wrestling career.

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