Dating while getting divorced

However, avoiding your pain is not psychologically healthy.

Sooner or later, you must experience those painful feelings and learn to deal with them.

However, I have to point out to women reading this and nodding that in ANY relationship, you CAN’T know after date 1, month 1 or month 3 that you’re destined to spend forever together. However, if you discover through the process of dating, that in fact, you’re just looking to have fun for a little while, make sure you don’t allow any woman to invest too deeply in you.

That’s the risky part of making yourself vulnerable, even though you know, full well, that 99% of relationships that get started don’t end up at the altar. Or go out of your way to find a woman who is recently separated or divorced, just like you. Just be totally upfront about where you are emotionally, and let her decide.

Alienating your spouse and children in the middle of a divorce is not a good plan.

It’s better to maintain a cordial relationship with your spouse and avoid unduly upsetting your children while the divorce is pending.

Women have a right to be wary if you just want to date for three months and move on. I tell my clients it’s not a good idea to date until the divorce is final – there are too many complications.Usually it’s because they’re lonely or want to feel better about themselves. Lots of bad things if you date while your divorce is pending.It’s unlikely you will be formally charged with adultery, but having sexual relations with another person before your divorce is final can have negative financial consequences and could complicate custody arrangements.Adultery is one factor a Texas court may consider when awarding disproportionate assets to the innocent spouse.

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