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Keen to convey he was a bright-eyed male with real get-up-and-go, he used the word "active" in the title of his dating profile. A storm of electronic abuse from the good-looking women he’d been hoping to attract. It turned out that women didn’t like 'active' at all."All I wanted to convey was that I didn’t sit around all day doing nothing," says Shaw Stewart. To them it was code for 'highly promiscuous'." The same goes for the word 'fun'.We offered professional arrangement of hotels on arrival, gifts, hotels, restaurants, etc…But most foreigners are not children and perfectly understand everything."In normal life it has no sexual connotation," says property developer Jason Thomas, 38, who believes the paying sites get more responses than the free ones."But if a girl says she's 'up for fun' in a dating profile I immediately assume she’s talking about bed." Appearance is another minefield.Dear friends, as you know, I’m always looking for relevant information and news in the Ukrainian dating industry.

The guide offers you useful tips you must follow on your adventure to find your special Ukrainian woman for marriage.And if a man wants to come to Ukraine, you call the girl and ask her if she wants to meet the man in person. Your main goal as a translator is to attract foreigners. It is possible to work from home (very pleased for me).You help with communication during dates – and get money for that. Two-three times a week, I go the office to take new letters to translate.There you are, profile finally written, ready to step into a world of gorgeous singletons, and nobody warns you about the linguistic pitfalls.When e-commerce director Alec Shaw Stewart, 54, joined a dating site for the first time many years ago, he made a classic newbie mistake.

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