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Free, Dronestagram is a photo sharing community dedicated to drone photography.

This is why lots of over 60s dating often involves group meet ups, where people share some fun, companionship, and common interests with the participants.

Think of social activities like joining reading clubs, playing duplicate bridge or the ever popular bingo: such pastimes will make your date a little more exciting and you'll also be able to socialise and make friends with new people as well.

Put yourself in the studio during the 1965-66 sessions by visiting the Studio A Revisited microsite, which gives you an opportunity to play with the four studio “stems” that make up “Like A Rolling Stone” and more.

Country music superstar Brad Paisley has announced the next single from his chart-topping LOVE AND WAR album will be Heaven South.

Triplicate features 30 brand new recordings of classic American songs presented in three individually named and thematically-arranged 10-song sequences.Both “All the Way” and “Melancholy Mood” are available instantly with all digital pre-orders of the album.The track can also be streamed here and on Apple Music.Starting something new can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you're a single over 60 who wants to get back into the dating world.Just like any other kind of dating, you need to think of an activity that will make the experience a more memorable one.

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