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I read the whole series 2 days straight and I'm obsessed. Also, loved the expanded and openly tolerant view of "family". - x/g fanfic fanatic - Jan-10-2010 Everyone should read this wonderful author. You don't need to be a STV or Sci Fi fan to enjoy this fantastic series. Amazing plot, great characters, always love a strong warrior but enjoyed the inner strength of Salomen. - Anonymous - Feb-25-2012 So glad to see this series published. - Anonymous - Mar-11-2012 Stron wraiting great story! Reyna Merris is one of the best characters ever in fandom and beyond. I admit, I like more intimate detail (think Sharon L. NOTE: Check out Calli's artwork for Partners - it's a great cover for your ebook! - Anonymous - Mar-18-2015 Melissa Good's stories are totally awesome.- 12/28/15 - Deb - Dec-28-2015 Great plot and characters. I did finally read it and have since returned to reread several times. And if this wasn't difficult enough, an old acquaintance of Dar appears on the scene, with only one aim in mind - how to cause as many problems for the executive VP as possible. Job well done - sassy123 - Oct-26-2010 IMHO, Melissa Good writes the best Xena fan fiction on the Internetz. - Anonymous - Jan-24-2008 Fantastic Action/Adventure Writing! - Anon - Jan-24-2008 This story/update had me on the edge of my seat. Did a little victory dance when I was saw the new posting...!

I just can't get enough and totally recommend to all those that love adventure, romance and humour. - Niyah - Dec-05-2012 Awww, I really wish there were more stories in the Mother Earth Universe. Hopefully we all get to read how it goes...a sequel...!? You will fall in love with all the characters and root them on ! Fantastic author and one of the best scifi stories available!! I haven't even finished this story yet and I am already grateful enough to post a comment. - Anonymous - Jul-28-2008 What a wonderful update to your series. - cygirl1 - Jul-29-2008 Another wonderful installment of these outstanding series! Exciting action and increasingly believable and terrific development of the relationship between the characters. - Ash K - merry Xmas from italy - Dec-25-2014 Excellent as always. - Netta - Dec-03-2010 I'm enjoying this story very much...waiting impatiently for the next installment, - Anonymous - Dec-04-2010 IMHO this story is one of their best--though I tend to say that of all of their stories. Bowers) than you'll find in Melissa Good's books, but the riveting plots and flawless suspense [almost] take the edge off my vicarious sexual frustration. - Brandyn - Nov-25-2013 Great story, love the science fiction aspect. No further comments necessary - this latest piece of Missy's imagination is every bit as good as its predecessors and is a definite must-read! The finished version is on Academy or Merwolf's site : P - Anonymous - Aug-12-2006 Most EXCELLENT!!! But then all of Melissa Goods work is the finest!!! This is the second in her alt/uber series featuring Dar and Kerry (starts with Tropical Storm). As before, characters come to life, and become personal friends.

I found it on the author's page on Archive of Our Own, but I noticed it pop up on the Academy of Bards 'what's new' page too. - Anonymous - Oct-07-2016 It's been awhile since a story has sucked me into reading them. You can find links to the author's work on her site. The story picks up with Ripley and Call as the unlikely duo seek to eradicate the greatest threat to humankind (again). Thanks for those wonderful moments spent reading your novels. I won't send hate mail lol but I plead from the bottom of my frozen Norwegian heart that the next parts will be posted asap! - Kate - Mar-27-2012 I am about to chew off my hand waiting for that iuotrtal. The story itself is a journey of evolution - getting to know oneself and about life's greatest gift, love all while being wrapped in a fantastic plot. - Stacia - Jan-01-2013 How to explain my reaction to this book...? However, Artemis gives her one chance to get her beloved bard back but the mission is difficult and there is no guarantee for success. - indigo8014 - Feb 20th, 2005 this is the best best story i ever read......please a sequel please......great story ever......the best take care.... Well done, highly recommended read - dragon_grrl - Jul-13-2009 Seriously, this one is a true classic. There is a lot of romance and love scene included in a tightly woven plots filled with suspense, twists and turns. Be ready for thrilling adventure but don't forget a packet of tissue as well. PS : - the love scenes are really good too :) - xiu - Feb-10-2008 I like to read Conqueror story's and this trilogy from LJ Maas is definetly a recommended read if ya like the Conqueror.

I loved them and I loved the author's sensitivity as well. - Anonymous - Oct-07-2016 The Sagittarius (Ante Mortem: book 3) is posted, just not here yet. The Sagittarius is a great finale to the trilogy and I highly recommend it. - Kellyjo - Feb-28-2017 Set right after Alien: Resurrection, what would you do if your entire purpose has been determined before you were born? - Trystan - Aug-07-2010 what a story..hoping for a sequel... This one is a slight departure in that it focusses more on the internal lives of the characters and makes you wait and wonder about the relationship. Rebecca's Cove is one of the funniest books that I have ever read. I was captured immediatly and it was a simply breathtaking read. - corey - Apr-23-2008 LJ Maas stories are absolutely priceless and I go back to read them again and again. You have left a wonderful legacy and it lives on and on...forever." - JC - Apr-24-2008 A story to read,it's simply wonderful, I really enjoyed it !!! I would absolutely recommend this story to anyone, whether they like futuristic or not. - Gwen - Mar-11-2009 Fletcher, you have managed to write the best fanfiction ever about ST Voyager... Well I couldn't keep away, so here I am craving for the next part to get here. The characters just grow on you in a believable fantasy world. - cmwulf - Oct-23-2011 Great story..wait to read the finale ^_^ - Anonymous - Jan-07-2012 Brilliant second part can't wait for part three. I've read this story a few times and each time, Jess and Dev pull me in, making me forget I already know the ending. The story's action scenes are fast-paced and leave you wanting more. EXCELLENT SEQUEL I BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE ABOUT ZOYA. the downside is that it makes the rest of the series less believable.. But the brief marriage to Perdicus has not been without consequences and Xena loses her bard again. I got so involved that I actually cried at one point! - Angelicrainbw - Oct-12-2009 Friction's work never disappoint! I hope Rob Tapert et al did read your work along the way. - Anonymous - Nov 4th, 2005 Absolutely hands down my favorite story of all time. Well written, great character depth, and a story line that grips you. - Psyche - Feb-09-2008 I have read about 80% of all the conqueror stories out there and let me assure you that this conqueror trilogy from LJ Maas is the best. It is one of my ALL TIME favorites and I would suggest everybody read it!

- Anonymous - Apr-10-2015 Can't say enough about dar and Kerry series just wish there was more of them amazing story x - SD - Jul-12-2015 Can't say enough about dar and Kerry series just wish there was more of them amazing story x - SD - Jul-12-2015 I've reread this series at least 10 times. - Anonymous - Sep-20-2015 I'm in Miami once again and I love reading these stories while I'm traveling the very same streets, eating the same foods, doused by the same heat as Dar and Kerry. Please continue to write this story, it is for me a home away from home, with good people having an extraordinary life and facing challenges that leave me inspired. Do yourself a favor & give this story a shot, I'm sure you won't regret it! This was a fasinating and extremely well written story. i read the Outcome first and went to find other stories by you. It's truly amazing and the characters are just wow. - Rylie - Jan-22-2012 Another great story from Kim! Thank you so much kim for this amazing piece of treasure.

- Teresa - Apr-05-2016 While I enjoy all of this series, this one is my absolute favorite. - Gia S - Apr-05-2013 I knew nothing of the Mass Effect world, but it doesn't matter. The characters and plot are well-developed and engaging. Lessons did me in and i hunted down every story u wrote, you are amazing! - AW - May-30-2012 Stunning story - wonderful, relatable characters and the relationship development is just beautiful. - colorado fan - Aug-21-2011 if you're looking for some light reading, this story is not one to pass up on..

The Archer seems to continue the story line, but it builds. I hope it addicted in the first set and even more in turned a all the pta days left to see if the new .... I read the fletcher And the archer in one day and was trapped in the story before the end of the first chapter. I hope the authors decide to have a sequel; please, please please. i find that i can easily picture them, which always makes a reading easier! READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *applause* - Snuff - Mar 14th, 2004 This is my favourite story and i reccommend it to everyone! It is absolutely one of the best I have ever read!! I was pleasantly surprised that it had little to do with the "Voyager" and hope that the web host of the Athenaeum would not refer it as such. I actually read the first half in one sitting, it was that good. - Krysta - Dec-31-2010 This is truly a remarkable story. Compelling characters, great plot hooks and enough sexual tension to make the screen steam. Great story, but leaving traders like this is brutal. Would love to see a sequel - kaylis - Dec-18-2012 Absoulutely fantastic read... This is a story that keeps your interest constantly, never a dull moment. - Tracey - Dec-22-2012 Awesome..adictitive couldn't stop reading. - Anonymous - May-22-2008 You've got a winner here, Trekgrrl. These 2 strong,powerfulwomen are both equally vulnerable. It was so easy to enjoy and appreciate Rayna Merris, and Captain Janeway was written true to form. Reyna Merris is one of the best character ever - in fandom and beyond. Each and every one is believable and highly entertaining. Whilst this particular story has a lot of angst, the series is a joy to read. - cassie - Sep-01-2010 Once again Aurelia writes an entertaining tale that draws you in and leaves you thinking about it when your done. I liked the choice of the different endings that allows the reader to decided how they want it to end. - Kat - Jan-11-2008 This was a very enjoyable read..that I couldn't stop until I finished it. - Gay Now (Car) - Feb-09-2008 Needs better weaving, and more convincing reasons for the actions, but is ok. - CJ - Jun-06-2009 wow~~~ this story contains so much energy and emotions. Definitely one of the best I have read - Xena - Mar-12-2010 Ok, so I have never commented on a story before, but with this one I could not resist! - blazinangelwings - Nov 2nd, 2005 LJ MAAS, I always loved your name. My only regret is that I think I only 'fed' you once or twice for your great output of works. Honestly - If you miss this one, you're missing out.

- Jane - Jul-18-2016 I totally agree with the comments above. Both The Fletcher and The Archer had also very deeply moving scenes. This writer has so much talent, I can't wait for her next one! - Anonymous - Sep-17-2016 Hoping I'm not the only one who's been checking since oct 1 for the 3rd segment! - Catherine Burke - Oct-22-2016 I noticed that this site became inactive before Kelly Aten's final story was posted. Best I've read in a long time - read all three within days. - Anonymous - Aug-09-2010 What a great story, it would be awesome to know what happened next - val - Sep-29-2010 Excellent story. All are spell checked and grammar checked, and use the just right words to convey her meaning. - Shyn - May 29th, 2005 This story and all of LJ's stories are living classics and eternal. - keeperofwords - Oct 30th, 2005 This is one of my favorite storyes ever!! If you have never gotten a chance to purchase one of her books, you should. - Rangeela - Feb-10-2008 One of the best storys I ever read. I spent my entire day at work reading this on my phone. I wish her eternal peace and if the dead can hear our thoughts "thank you LJ for gifting us with your wit and humor. - stachjay - Aug-12-2008 Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter .. The universe is very different from ours and yet was explained so well that I began to think in their terms. *grins* And I live in hope that there'll be a sequel or another book based in this world... I am an addict waiting for the next installment of this as well as my fix for the next part of Secret Histories!! - Jett Black - Feb-27-2011 I'm seconding the demons by post thing!!!! All I can say is I'm sending mental encouragement for the beta readers to please hurry. I told myself I shouldn't start it as it didn't have all the parts posted. - Anonymous - Dec-29-2012 Thank you so much for sending me the link to complete this story, really appreciate day is complete as well. - mackdido - Dec-29-2012 What a fantastic story by the one and only Melissa Good! I love the way the relationship between Janeway and Rayna is portrayed. - Fan - Nov-17-2009 **** SPOILER ALERT **** JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN JOY!!!! But it is still way above average and worth every minute spend reading it ... so the alternative ending was a bit of a surprise in this one.. - Anonymous - May-15-2011 After her ill-fated marriage, Gabrielle struggles with her feelings for the warrior while Xena tries to adjust to having the bard back in her life. - Anonymous - Aug-14-2008 The premise for this story is wonderful. - Anonymous - Jun-18-2009 Loved it what a great story.... - mjf - Jul-05-2009 Great short story, I really got into to it and felt it. This was quite possibly the best piece of fanfic I've read so far. - Vil - Aug-19-2009 One of the best Urber stories written - Brighteyez08 - Oct-10-2009 Wonderful! If there is ever a reincarnation of the series via whatever vehicle 'they' choose, I'm sure you'll have had something to do with it. I check every day in the hopes of seeing an update to Second Son!

It was surprising the turn on events at last it was incredible and I will be really looking forward the next. I need know how is the meet again between Katiya and Alexei. - Anonymous - Aug-08-2010 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we have more????? - snott - Dec-10-2010 I'm not one who likes vampire stories, but I decided to give this one a try. All her stories have plot, suspense, intrigue, and a romantic relationship that is HOT and challenging, often with a splash of hotsauce(kink). - amy beltaine - Oct 26th, 2004 Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Godspeed - Cris - Oct 31st, 2005 LJ I hope you know how much your stories meant to all of us who read them . - Luv Tigger71 - Nov 5th, 2005 Beautiful and moving. Don't wait to read this..make sure you have time because once you start, you won't be able to put it down. - loubug - Jan-06-2007 All of this authors writing are great. Maas has once again created a work that touches our heart and soul. Nitsche compared books to old friends, we never get tired of visiting them again. - MJE - Aug-12-2008 One of the best stories ever written!! It has been a while since the last time I have read a story that I thoroughly enjoyed this much. - BYL - Jan-07-2009 I almost cried when the story was over because the characters had become so real to me. I so recommend this story, both as a spin-off and as a stand-alone. I am truly honored that I get to taste your talent again and again. The end just about killed me, good thing there was a don't send e-mail post. I just hope that Dev and Jess will get as many sequels as Dar and Kerry have gotten. - Anonymous - Feb-19-2008 Great addition to a wonderful series! - rosii59 - Nov-17-2009 At last, our much awaited sequel has arrived! - Netta - Nov-19-2009 It is exciting to have a sequel to Chance although may be this is not the strongest story by Windstar & Zee (expectations are just high when it comes to their stories ! since you know before reading how it's going to end.. - XS Dark Lord - Mar-08-2008 wonderfully romantic and hot! if you have a couple of hours to spare, definitely READ IT!!! Thank you for giving us more than the series was willing to do. - A - Nov-04-2006 Agree with previous recommendations.

Kyri was raised a fletcher but after finding a new home and family with the Telequire amazons, she discovers a need to do more and to be more. I've enjoyed everything she has so graciously shared with us. If you loved Ripley/Anna Lee pairing you are in for a treat. - silverbutterfly50 - Oct-15-2012 Wow, fantastic story! - Rose - Dec-30-2009 I really really enjoyed this one... - Anonymous - Jan-09-2010 Really won of the best vampire storys please write a sequel - Anonymous - Jan-16-2010 Truly an awesome read. PLEASE give us a sequel soon - this is too good to leave it here! If you're one who gets tired of the formulaic "They meet, they connect, they have fabulous sex" of a lot of the stories out there, then do yourself a favor and check out this novel. - Caren P - Jun-19-2009 I fell in love with these characters and dearly hated to see it end. Mentioning the Star Trek universe is all but mute because it is merely a jumping point from which Fletcher weaves a mesmerizing original story that will keep you guessing and spinning and on occasion, reaching for the Kleenex. It reminds me of the dresden files except better haha. Action, suspense, intrigue, and it's way hot to boot! I've been waiting for this and it certainly did not disappoint. - Jett Blk - Jun-07-2011 The second installment of this trilogy did not disappoint! - Anonymous - Sep-06-2012 thank you thank you thank you - Anonymous - Nov-01-2012 I have been stalking this story waiting, love it - T - Nov-01-2012 When I saw the update for this I squealed like a little girl that's been surprised with that pony she's been asking for. - GB - Nov-01-2012 Patience is not one of my virtues but this has definitely been worth the wait. I found a great synopsis on AUXIP Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales is set in the near future post apocalyptic - the earth has been devastated by weather. And the last part of without breath for about 15 minutes! But my eyes remain wide open forever after what they read :) - Aquarius G - Mar 21st, 2004 I love this story. - grace faith - Feb 6th, 2006 I think I must have read this story at least five times. Because of it I even went out to search for the movie with the same name starring Christopher Reeve. - Callisto - Feb-10-2008 This is absolutely one of my favorite stories. If Xena had become the Conqueror this the kind of ruler she would have been. - Oct-28-2011 Thafter spending an entire month of my free time going over the conqueror genre i have found the best nnn lj mass is a master. Like "Turning Tides", I am sure this one will blow us away. Naten has not let the lapse deter from the story's focus and momentum and I am looking forward reading to this continuing saga.

She has skills that the tribe desperately needs and she is called to action to protect those around her. - colorado fan - Jul-11-2016 I am desperately waiting for the next sequel, can't wait to see them back to the safe haven of telequire nation. I've never actually seen Alien: Resurrection and now I'm not sure I should, because I loved the main characters in this story so much I'm worried the film will be a disappointment! I can see it in epic proportions with scenes in Prague and Russia. Can't wait for its sequel - Myinnerme - Jan-16-2010 Like their other works, The Secret History of Vampires pulled me in from the very beginning. In this humble reader's opinion, "Without a Front" is without a doubt, Fletcher's crowning glory to date. If I was producer, I would start making a TV SHOW out of it. Please update soon T_T - animereader1 - Mar-23-2011 GOD, you can't just leave it there! I love this story and I can't get enough of everything you two write! The wait for the third and final bit will be excruciating! I was up all night to finish it and what a wild and wicked ride it was. - Gillian - Nov-04-2012 I don't even know how to begin let alone stop the tears that are drowning my eyes. Like an awesomely epic, sexy, crazy movie that lasted for days. Human society on the planet is reduced to fighting for survival over seaweed and scraps. It is one of the best Xena and Gabrielle fanfics out there. Let me tell you the only thing common between the two is the name! - Cheryl A - Feb-10-2008 this trilogy is just awesome. As in all your books, much research took place before the actual writing. - Mar-09-2011 Like some of the reviewers here, I am not a fan of Conqueror stories. - Amanda - Jan-07-2012 one of the first conqueror stories i have ever read.. Love this writer and boy oh boy will I be checking every day to see new installments. - Califa - Sep 29th, 2004 beautifully written and a great romance story! - blazinangelwings - Jan 13th, 2005 Though there has been a huge gap in posting on this story, it's been well worth the wait. - Kaye - Aug 6th, 2005 very romantic and touching story, glad to see another new addition to the story! :) - Jamie - Jun-27-2006 This is one story I await with great anticip.......ation. - Reese - Aug-14-2006 wonderful story found myself hooked right away is romantic and loving and am hoping to see update soon as they say good things come to those who wait so by all means read it - nancy aug16 06 - Aug-16-2006 Love the story.

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