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This apparatus was used first to separate fats from food (Dingler's Polytechnisches J 1879, 232, 461).Kttstorfer proposed to characterize fats by the saponification index (amount of KOH needed to saponify 1 g of fat) (Z anal Chem 1879, 18, 199).Pelouze and Boudet made for the first time the hypothesis that oleic acid and "margaric acid" (a mixture of palmitic and stearic acids) could both be combined in compounds present in vegetal oils (J de Pharm 1838, 24, 385).Lecanu LR showed that cholesterol was present in human blood Fremy E isolated a lipidic substance from the brain and named it oleophosphoric acid (Ann Chim Phys 1841, 2, 463).First study of triglyceride crystallization with the description of three melting points for tristearin (Duffy PJ, J Chem Soc 1853, 5, 197).Erucic acid (13-docosenoic acid) was first isolated from rapeseed oil (Websky F, J Prakt Chem 1853, 58, 449).Hensing JT published at Giessen the first monograph on the chemical examination of the brain in which he isolated phosphorus (Cerebri examen chemicum ex eodemque Phosphorus singularem omnia inflammabilia accendentem..., Giessen, Vulpius, 1719).

First description of the triene fatty acid, linolenic acid, in hempseed oil (Hazura K, Monatsch 1887, 8, 147) Wallach O described for the first time the chemical structure of terpene compounds (Zur Kenntnis der Terpene und therischen Oele, Justus Lieb Ann Chem 1887, 238, 78).

Demonstration by Bernard C of the importance of pancreatic juice and of bile for the digestion and absorption of fats in the duodenum: "Leons de physiologie exprimentale appliques la mdecine", Ballire, Paris.

Bokay A gave the first indication of the existence of enzymes (phospholipases) in pancreatic juice hydrolyzing lecithin into glycerophosphoric acid, fatty acids and choline (Z physiol Chem 1877, 1, 157).

Inositol (hexahydroxycyclohexane) was first isolated from muscle by Scherer.

He coined the name 'inositol" from the Greek inos (muscle).

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