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DVD Note: The Journal hunky boot report music was replaced Paparazzi Ron Gallela demonstrates the waterproof, built in motor drive, and timer features of the Penolta M-X camera in his pursuit of Jackie O. Lon Chaney Jr demonstrates rock throwing with a reluctant William B.

"It's super." Ron Gallela - Short; Jackie O - Peggy Mahon; bodyguards - extras; Announcer - staff announcer Paul Anka opens the show with a swingin' number ("My Way") in honor of Sammy. Lon Chaney Jr - Levy; William B Williams - Candy; Sammy Maudlin - Flaherty Sammy has a good laugh at William B's expense.

Sid Dithers - Levy; Announcer - staff announcer Guy, watching Sid's announcement, takes inspiration from the football strike and comes up with a plan to weather out the strike.

Guy Caballero - Flaherty; Sid Dithers - Levy; Shirley (voice only) - extra Edith, grooving at Studio 54 with Pierre Trudeau, takes a call from Guy.

They bring out Lorna Minelli, who humiliates William B some more.

Lorna Minelli is singing a song ("Ring them Bells") when a fly interrupts.

Additional Viewing: the CBC in the early 80s - The Journal, Frontpage Challenge, Hockey Night in Canada (which is Saturday, in case you were wondering), National Film Board shorts, the whole shlemozzle.

Host: Dougall Currie - Levy; Sondra Wicks - Martin; Austin Mc Grath - Short; Phillip Marks - Flaherty; Morley Markle - Candy Barbara tries to talk with Colonel Gadhafi, but he's busy with Ted Koppel.

Bobby Bittman - Levy; William B Williams - Candy; Sammy Maudlin - Flaherty Sammy remarks on how bad that clip was.

Sammy Maudlin - Flaherty; William B Williams - Candy; Lorna Minelli - Martin Sid, the Union Spokesperson for the janitors at SCTV, is fighting for a half-hour lunch, a pension, a six day workweek, no windows.

Gord Mc Lellan - Levy; Gord Mc Kee - Candy; Howie Mc Meeker - Short; Dandy Dick Bedlow - Flaherty; kids - extras; crew - crew; Announcer - staff announcer Our Thanksgiving comes first, in October, so we must have invented it.

Announcer - staff announcer; Canadian - Levy The one beer you can't get in the States.

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