Cellvalidating en c

Is it possible to trap key presses at the cell level, and in the relevant columns, ignore them if non-numeric?

Setting Data Grid View's Datasource property should show you the grid with atleast the columns (in Grid View's heading) even when Data Table is empty.

This means that only the rows that are currently visible have a visual element.

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The Cell Formatting event is fired every time when the cell's visual state needs to be updated.

Equals(Get Type(Grid View Check Box Column)) Then cell.

Hi, use this Partial Class Grid View_Total_VB Inherits System.

In any case, this is not the model used by the Data Grid View. There is an excellent example of this on the MSDN2 Library: HTH, Kevin Spencer Microsoft MVP Professional Numbskull This is, by definition, not that.

"Greg" I'm new to the datagridview control, and am left wondering how one goes about restricting input to numeric only.

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