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Along with her The Vampire Diaries co-stars Michael Trevino and Ian Somerhalder, Accola is a supporter of the It Gets Better Project, which aims to prevent Suicide among LGBT youth.

Candice and other individuals (including TVD’s Kayla Ewell and Kat Graham) are participating in the fight to raise awareness regarding Lyme Disease, a disease that many people suffer from but many more are uneducated about.

The series was an immediate success with the series premiere reaching 4.91 million viewers.

This is just so great for me, after my quiet alone valentine's day this year, this web series enchanted me. I watched a lot of TV series and I realized I just kinda easy to get bored when the TV series that I love just made some no-need-complicated-issues in their stories rather than straight to the point.

That same year again Accola had a bit-role in The Hannah Montana Movie.

In 2009 Accola was cast in The CW television series The Vampire Diaries as Caroline Forbes a teenage vampire.

Her future self knows all too well that choosing to eat all the junk food she wants or dating some deadbeat will be something she regrets in the future.

Even something as simple as answering a phone call may be something she wants to avoid at all costs.

These messages help her navigate everyday choices and, more importantly, decisions on her love life and more important issues she will face in her early twenties.On August 31, 2015, she announced that she and Joe are expecting their first child together.In December 2006 Accola released her debut album, It's Always the Innocent Ones, independently in the United States.The series is so successful, in fact, that it is even sponsored by some pretty heavy hitters in the world of retail sales.The series will continue to follow Chloe Cunningham through those awkward and often regrettable twenty-something years.

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