Blind dating in mumbai

Your first date forensics tells us a lot about you.

Like if you’re aiming high or keeping your ear to the ground.

I’m interested to explore what the world of a blind woman’s life is like and share conversation.

I believe we live in a society today where there are more people than ever before, but more lonely people. Because one night god came into my dream and said me that if you are my son then you will marry with a girl,which is my creation and can not see the world,beauty,color, or she can feel perfectly then will love you lot.

We also watched a movie – In Mumbai since: April 20, 1987 12.32 pm Profession: Comedian Tell us about your first ever date: I was 14 and unlike the nightclub hopping 14-year-olds of today we had a much more sober childhood. It was a molten Sunday afternoon, and I met her at the Cha Bar cafe inside the Oxford Bookstore at Churchgate.

Riding around Bombay till the wee hours of the morning. Best first date recommendation: I love The Tasting Room. Dating Advice: As a flight attendant, I deal with approximately 400 people a day. Most importantly, leave your fake face at home and bring a real personality to the dining table.

I think what I loved most was being able to be together, but yet not feeling obliged to engage with each other. I think in fact, the best way to gauge compatibility is when there’s precious little to do. In Mumbai Since: 1988Profession: Waitress and occasional life-saver at 40,000ft Tell us about your first ever date: I've never been asked out on a date when I was a teenager.

We stepped out for a drink later that probably fits the bill of the more conventional sort of date. Every boyfriend was first a friend and then it just seemed too late to do the whole “date” thing.

Dating Advice: Personally I avoid a full blown meal as it's a commitment for the first time you're probably meeting someone.

I also prefer sitting at bars or on high tables – normal tables are for a more familial/professional context.

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