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Traditionally both the IT and the BPO sectors are driven by young professionals and hence the convergence of this crowd in large numbers in Bangalore has meant more young singles with disposable incomes.This is turn has resulted in the mushrooming of pubs, discotheques, fast food joints, global retail brands and high-rise malls.In recent times Bangalore has also emerged at the forefront of the LGBT celebrations in India.

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This status is not only reflected in the professional and material success but also in the high quality of life enjoyed by the city’s men and women, an example of which is its dating culture.

Also, women make up slightly less than half of the city’s population at 47.5%.

Hindus are the majority religious group here at 79.37% which roughly reflects the national average.

However it is as the capital of rock music in India that Bangalore is famous among today’s generation.

All sub-genres of rock, from classic rock n' roll to heavy metal can be heard in Bangalore.

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