Avoiding and accommodating

Predictably, his team was penalized and he was ejected.The penalty was very unfortunate as his team, the Giants, narrowly lost the game. Williams' poor choice of a conflict management strategy was a giant blunder.However, that strategy might not be the strategy that we habitually use.The Wrong Strategy for Shaun Williams How often do we make the mistake that Shaun Williams (celebrating in the photo above) made on Sunday; i.e., responding to a conflict situation the way we feel like responding rather than the way we should respond?

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The key to managing conflict well is choosing and executing the strategy that best fits the situation.In other words, although there are five different ways to handle conflicts, such a person is more likely to collaborate than they are to force, accommodate, avoid, or compromise.There are many advantages to using a collaborating strategy to handle interpersonal conflict situations.When we say “Conflict”, the first word comes to our mind is Fight, Avoid, Anger, Lose, Pain, Control, War, Hate, Impasse, Loss, Destruction, Bad, Fear, Wrong doing, Mistake etc., As you can see, conflicts is almost universally perceived as a negative occurrence. Often, a conflict presents opportunities for improvement.As I shared in my last blog post that a conflict is a situation when the interests, needs, goals or values of involved parties interfere with one another. Therefore, it is important to understand (and apply) various conflict resolution techniques.

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