Aries man dating cancer woman

It all started when we go out for a drink with some colleagues.

Once we were alone, he give me a sudden hug which makes my heart miss a beat.

My cancer heart beats only for him and he is everything I could hope for!

Recently I've started dating this taurus man he is everything that I every wished for however he isn't very expressive like myself cancer woman.

But when offended, a Cancer woman will never call a Taurus man for a frank conversation to explain what she feels.

She prefers to be silent, to step aside, and to take refuge in her cell.

It is Water that turns the Earth into a blooming garden, it is the Cancer woman that can make this a happy union.

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I'm a Cancer woman and he is 8 yrs younger than me.

Sometimes I feel like I mentioned getting on his nerves with expression of so much feelings.

But then he might just turn my way in a instance grab and pull me close.

Then it magically all came together , we stopped fighting and fell in love.

I have never been in love before and he said he has only felt like this about one other person, his daughters mother. We compliment one another perfectly and he has already mentioned changing my last name!

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