100 free bisexual dating sites

So, recap, right quick: Persons who do that are usually trolls, seeking attention. What a poor existence you have where you continually type shat on multiple forums that absolutely nobody is going to read concerning a topic that you don't even come close to addressing. Ok, if you say so.*eyeroll*I debated about whether or not I was gonna reply to this or not.

If not, they are idiots who don't know how to behave on Internet Forums. I decided that teaching the populace (particularly newer users) about people like you was the best choice.

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Well, this is America and you are alloud to be as sexist as you want.

It is considered as one the most popular bisexual hookup sites suitable to the straight, the bi, gays, lesbians and bisexual couples.

So you can easily find the type of relationship that you want here.

Of course angering people is not gonna make you very popular, lol. Are they really to cheap too spring for 3 extra letters and have it say "People Working"? ;)It makes me wanna drive strait over the sing, along with the 455H0L3 who put it their!!! It makes you look like a Nazi, when you post stuff that is discriminatory towards others. I know you probably didn't know better (In fact, I'm positive you didn't know better (unless that site is really ur competitor), because NOBODY is that stupid!!! I mean you can do what you want, but NOBODY wants to do business with (including using a website from) someone who is the equivalent of a Nazi. Nobody except other people who are one, and believe me, their aren't many. However, when you start a BUSINESS, or otherwise interact with the populace, THAT is when it becomes our (the populace) business if you do something wrong to somebody.

Like those stupid sings they put along the roadside that say "Single? That and the construction sings that say "Men Working" WTF??? They are either lying, or if not, they are discriminating against female applicants. ;) Just like [email protected]$$es who do something illegal and post it on Facebook under they're real name. I wander if I could contact one of them Feminist groups with a litigious lawyer and send them some pics of that? Well, I adore Classic Feminism, but I abhor Modern Feminism. In short (without going to deep), Modern Feminism has become what Classic Feminism was against (Sexism; In this case, Reverse-Sexism, which is 10x worser, for a variety of reasons, I'll elaborate if asked...)Anyway, sorry about giving you a hard time, but you shouldn't do that. In other words, you might as well be saying "Are you African-American? As long as they don't affect me (or any other innocent person), it's really none of my business what they think about anyone or anything.

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